2017年2月25日 (土)

From Cherie

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your winter break. I got to visit Manila and also went home to Hawaii to visit my parents and my cat. While I am living abroad, my fat, black cat is living with my parents. Her name is Kayla. She seems to really like Hawaii. She likes to take long naps in the sun and she likes to go outside and play with water and eat grass. She has made some gecko and frog friends in the backyard. For February and March, my travel plans have included Okinawa and Kagoshima. Okinawa was great and I plan to go back again sometime later this year. I was lucky enough to go with Kate last week, and we saw some beautiful cherry blossoms. They are a deep, bright pink color there, not a light pink or white color like on Honshu. While in Kagoshima, I will go to Ibusuki to do a sand steam bath and I will visit Princess Mononoke's Forest in Yakushima, which I am very excited about seeing. I'm also going back up to Kamakura and Enoshima to get some nice photos of a snow-capped Mt. Fuji. I hope to be lucky and catch some early bloomers for cherry blossoms in the area. I can't wait for spring weather to finally arrive so I can go see the cherry blossoms around Mie. Perhaps we can all go on a Hanami trip together!





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