2017年2月28日 (火)

From Peni

Hello! I hope you've been great. Time certainly flies and it's already the end of February. I'm sure your winter break was wonderful. My break was alright. I stayed at my mother's house. I spent most of the time outside gardening and landscaping. It was very hot and I came back with a sunburn. I had initially planned on going on a cruise to several resort islands, but that was cancelled due to bad weather. I went, however, to a resort hotel and enjoyed tropical seafood there. I haven't been up to anything exciting recently. Sometime in March, however, I plan on dining at two specialty restaurants in Osaka. One is an all-you-can-eat mentaiko (cod roe) restaurant and the other is a saba (mackerel) restaurant. The restaurants should absolutely be wonderful, as I really like cod roe and mackerel. I don't have any other plans yet, and I welcome any suggestions. Take great care! Smiles! Peni





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